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    MetaTrader from MetaQuotes systems is a Russian based platform which has been on the
    market for year and has gained considerable market share due to this ability to program and run
    Expert Advisors. MetaTrader has a considerable amount of historic price information on most of
    its platforms which makes the testing of system a lot easier.

    Using Expert Advisors automates the whole trading process allowing and allows traders to
    “make money in their sleep”. Without Expert Advisors traders would have to manually monitor
    the Forex markets. Most importantly Expert Advisors take emotions out of the trading activity. As
    one of our clients say –"I can’t get emotionally involved in my trading when I am sleeping or
    working. Expert Advisors are the best thing since sliced bread".  

    A huge market has developed for Forex traders that have found robust and consistent trading
    strategies. They are now able to take that strategy and program it to be 100% automatic and
    mechanical.  Further it makes back trading and optimisation of system a lot easier. Charts
    showing the transactions and equity charts are also available for each test. These efficient and
    optimized programmes are then packaged and sold as a plug and play trading solution to
    traders. The simplicity of installing and running Expert Advisors makes this process even more

    Expert advisors, as the name indicates, gives trading advice to the trader as when to buy, sell or
    close a position. They usually  can also tell the trader what size of trade to take (the number of
    lots).  Also, the Expert Advisor has the functionality and power, if authorized, to automatically
    place trading orders with the broker. It can do all transactions such as  cancel them, buy, sell,
    and close Forex positions using following stops etc.  As we have seen even Money management
    is also not a problem. The lazy traders dream come true!

    For more information on the technical aspects of expert advisors please go to www.metaquotes.
    net  the Metatrader home website. You will also find a considerable list of brokers now using
    this trading platform.

    We at FOREXTRADING-ALERTS have sourced a number of the top Expert Advisors in the market at
    the moment.  We also use the options and feedback obtained from a number of Forex service
    review websites and Forex blogs to ensure that Expert Advisors featured on this site have
    favourable reviews and positive trader experiences.
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