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How to find a great Forex alert service
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    Some Forex traders dream about finding great set and forget Forex trading alert services which are
    easy to follow, profitable and convenient. They would then just copy the daily Forex recommendations
    into their Forex broker dealing station and watch their trading account grow and grow.

    Recently over 250 online Forex trading alert services were reviewed and alert services like the one
    described above do exist! The big challenge to the average Forex Trader is firstly finding Forex trading
    signal services that fit the success mould and then secondly making sure that the service is above
    board (credible). This article will address the first question of how to find possible Forex trading alert
    services to consider.

    The method mostly used by many Forex traders in to search the Web using a good search engine and
    then to slowly search through the results to find say 20 ones to consider for evaluation. This is a good
    starting point but remember to uses appropriate search terms. For instance Forex trading signals,
    Forex trading alerts and Forex alert service bring up different results. This may seem like hard work
    but always use your trading dreams as a motivator.

    While you are on the search engine results pages do not neglect the paid adverts to further increase
    your chances of finding great Forex trading signal services. You can find some unexpected gems
    clicking on these.

    Another good place to search for great Forex trading signal services are Forex service review sites.
    Some of these sites give objective and paid reviews of many Forex trading alert services on the market
    and allow users to post comments on their own personal experiences. Some of them list over a 100
    Forex trading alert services so your job can be reduced considerably. These are probably to best
    source of good Forex trading alert services, as you get direct user feedback as well. We have also
    found these to be one of the best guides to the creditability of alert services. Use search engines to
    firstly find the review sites. Most of the review sites offer direct links to alert services providers.

    Forex blogs or discussion rooms / forums are again a good source of alert service information. Going
    into discussion forums is a lot more time consuming and your return on effort will be less than the
    methods already mentioned. We use this method to check on the credibility of a service rather than
    finding a service. Using Blog and forum for this is much quicker.  

    Word of mouth is an often overlooked method. Use your network of other Forex traders to enquire
    whether they have had any good experiences with Forex trading alert services.

    Using the methods above alert services producing 27 000 pips a year and returns of between 200% and
    1000% on capital used have been found. Not a bad investment of time and effort but 250 alert services
    had to be researched to get there. You too can benefit from following the process described in this
    article and well as the articles to follow. It is well worthwhile.

    The activities above should provide you with a list of between 20 and 50 Forex trading alert services to
    consider. How you then water these down to the few that will make you money is the subject of the
    next article to be published in the article directory. Make sure to watch out for them.
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