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    This year FOREXTRADING-ALERTS assessed over 200 online Forex alert services. We often wonder
    how much homework Forex traders really do before selecting a suitable Forex trading signal
    service. Below are a few ideas.

    When considering whether to use an alert service it is important to know your own Forex trading
    objectives, your life style and trading psychology.  In general Forex trading alert services can be
    classified into a number of types of Forex trading services.

    Firstly there are the general advisory services that don’t give specific trade recommendations
    but do give trading information such as an analysis of coming new events, a high level market
    analysis and support and resistance or pivot levels. There are a number of full-time
    professional traders that use these kind of service to give them an analysis of the trading
    climate and general likely trading direction.

    Secondly there are the Set and forget type services where the subscriber will enter the whole
    trade in one go, at a regular time of day is one type of service. The Entry, Exit, Stop will be fully
    specified and the trade is often valid from 12 hours to 24 hours.  Some swing traders even have
    longer periods. These alert services are good for the part time trader who may be working and
    do not want to spend hours in front of a computer screen. This alert service would not suit a
    trader with a scalping approach who likes the adrenaline rush of a quick 1 or 5 minute chart type

    The third type of service is a more immediate type where recommendations are given as and
    when they occur. These are normally delivered via SMS’s and Emails etc. A more exiting method
    of getting these quick alerts is that subscriber join traders in an online trading room and piggy
    back on the trades as they are make. This type of alert clearly suites the more active trader who
    has easy access to trading facilities and more time to trade.

    Time of day is also an important consideration. The shorter term Forex alert services generally
    are aimed at the European or US market (The Asian market to a much lesser extent). The entries
    need to be made at a specific time. I know some traders in the US that get up at 3:00am to trade
    a UK market alert service before going to work.  The results they are obtaining make this
    worthwhile. You need to consider how the alert service will impact your lifestyle and try to find
    one the suites your personal circumstance in the long run.

    The ideal is to find an alert service that suites your lifestyle, rather than trying to adapt to the
    alert service. For any information on finding alert services that will suite your personal lifestyle
    and your Forex trading psychology please brows through the other articles on this site.
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