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       Trying to ignore is “always have a stop loss when trading the Forex Market”.

    The next interesting phenomenon that we will explore is making money from always being in a
    position to cash in on any change, in every direction which the price goes. We are attempting to
    disprove the concept that you have to predict the direction that the Forex market is moving in to make

    To be in a position to cash in at a gain all the time means that should the price goes north you will
    cash in that transaction positively and if it goes south you will also be in a position to cash that
    transaction in positively. First of all logic should now be telling you that in order to do that you would
    have to have a buy and a sell transaction active at the same time all the time. The expected response
    to this is – How on earth can you make money from having a buy and sell transactions active at the
    same time. Surely, this is fully hedged position. There is a saying in the forex market:- Only the online
    forex broker makes money when you are in a buy and sell transaction in the same instrument at the
    time. We will disprove this saying too.

    Before we look at how traders are amassing fortunes with this system lets review the benefits of
    having a buy and a sell transaction active at the same time (hedging). The deficit on the one makes
    up for the gain in the other. It is becoming clearer why this system is called the “no stop, hedged
    Forex trading system isn’t it? Transactions are completely or partially hedged when using this system
    which makes the requirement for a stop loss redundant.

    Let’s review the Forex markets and the way the price moves its way over our forex trading charts. You
    will see that with the exclusion of definite trends due to news, economic and political events the
    price travels is a up and down way 90% of the time. It either trades sideways or in a slow upward or
    downward trending way. This gives us our first idea of how one can make lots of cash from buying and
    selling at the same time. The price tends to revisit a previous price level over and over again. If you
    cash in your favourable deals at these price levels you will tend to see the same transaction
    repeating itself over and over again and you would/can therefore also cash in over and over again.
    Because there are many of these levels you would end up cashing in both your buy transactions and
    sell transactions at a gain continuously thereby repeating the same transaction over and over again.

    So far we have been talking about high level trading concepts used by the no stop, hedged, forex
    trading grid system (notice the new word in the system title). In the next article we will explain the
    how to make lots of money trading these repeating deals with no stops in this spiky, wavy Forex

    For more information, which is freely available, on this great trading system why not Google “no stop
    forex trading” or visit authority sites like or

    This is the second in a series of seven articles on the No stop, hedged, forex trading system which
    will be presented in this article directory on an ongoing basis. Make sure that you do not miss any of
    them in order to get the complete picture.
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