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    In previous articles in this series we cover red “trading without and stop” and ”trading not caring
    which way the price moves”. Below I am going to cover what I regard as the most difficult aspect of
    trading difficult part of trading:- When to exit a trade.

    How often have you exited a trade positively and then looked on as the price travelled another 100
    pips in the same direction. Alternatively how often have you tried to squeeze the last 5 pips out of a
    good deal and then watch as the price retraced all the way back to your entry or even beyond.  I have
    found the area of when to exit one of the most frustration parts of trading. When you enter a trade all
    the signal are aligned and you can tick all entry requirements on your checklist. The entry is the easy
    part. When the price takes off in its intended direction it enters a mystery zone where you are
    dependent of the volatility of the move for it to succeed. You very seldom have reference points. When
    to cash in or not is always the question on every traders mind.  

    It even gets worse on deals that go bad. You are 30 pips down. Do you close the deal at a loss or do
    you wait for a small retracement to reduce your loss. Surely the price has gone as far as it can it can’t
    go negative any more – oops where did that move come from – I’ve lost so much another 20 pips can’t
    hurt I’ll give it more room. And so on. We’ve all go through that at some time.

    With Grid trading we don’t have that problem. We divide the expected trading range for a particular
    currency for the next say 6 months (say 4000 pips) into grid levels with gaps of say 200 pips. Now the
    guesswork of when to cash in your positive deals is taken away. Every time the price touches a grid
    level we cash in our positive deals. As simple as that.  As soon as the total of the deals we started
    with is positive we close all our deals and start again. How simple can trading be?  No if, buts or
    maybe’s.  That is why we don’t need charts – we trade price levels, with no stops (Because each price
    level has a buy and sell active) and don’t care about which direction the price moves.

    The above way of determining grid levels is an example. As you will see in future articles grid levels
    can be designed to meet the traders requirements in many so many ways.

    For more information (which is freely available) on this great trading system why not Google “no stop
    forex trading” or visit authority sites like or

    This is the third in a series of seven articles on the No stop, hedged, forex trading technique which
    will be presented in this article directory on an ongoing basis. Ensure that you do not miss any of
    them in order to get the complete picture.
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