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    If YOU are a beginner, developing, experienced or highly competent trader you will learn and benefit from our service. We
    will help you take the guess work out of today’s trading opportunities for the  Forex.   You get a detailed eBook explaining
    the trading approach and 13 setups used by this daily live trading service.

    All currency crosses are considered for trades. Email alerts are supported by charts.  

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    Click below to see a copy of the daily emailed  report. No need to spend hours in webinars if you don’t want to – read the
    alerts and trade at your convenience.

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    Experienced traders get their market analysis done for them. Learning traders learn how to do their own market analysis,  
    what to look for and get trades.

    The webinars will consist of a review of current and closed deals, an environmental scan, chart analysis and daily trading
    strategy process. Some of the analysis techniques used will be: Channel trading, Price Patterns (Reversal and
    continuation patterns), Horizontal Support and Resistance, Non Horizontal support and resistance (Trendlines and
    Dominant angles), Straddle opportunities, Fibonacci Levels, Multi timeframe trading (WATO - Weekly, Daily and 4 hour
    approach), Multi currency trading (WATO approach), Candle stick reversal patterns, Moving average signals, Momentum
    signals (Divergences and Trendline violations) and the Financial Turning Point system and any other techniques which
    are appropriate at the time.
"I have learnt more about
Forex trading by attending
your Live Trading webinars for
2 weeks than I learnt in the
last 3 years of Forex Trading.
They are awesome!!

Don't ever trade alone again
A LIVE Daily
Forex trading
Monday to Friday
European Session at 6:00am to 6:45am London Time
Email Forex
Alerts services
Monday to Friday
European Session at 6:00am London.
Update email at 6:00pm London if required
These are Live trading webinars in which the Forex market charts are
analysed using aspects of the Long Candle Forex Trading, WATO and
Financial turning point and other methods. Learn by asking  questions and
contributing to the process.

Trades are identified and entered during these webinars.
The trades entered at the end of the Live trading Webinars are eMailed to
subscribers. These are Set and Forget transactions that may be valid until
the next Live trading webinar. Update emails are sent once a day at 6:00pm
London to update trades taken in the Webinars if required. No new trades
are entered. As trades are pending orders, have predetermined targets
and stops and following stops are used, updates are not often required.
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           European Live Trading Webinars & Emailed Alerts with Updates 5 days a week

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Have our Alerts linked to
your trading account
and entered
For a small additional fee you can use a VPS service you can link your
account to our alerts and have the alerts entered and managed as part of
the service. This service is supplied by an independent Forex service
provider and a monthly subscription of £ 23.00 per month is payable
directly to this supplier. Please click on this link for more information about
the VPS service.                       
VPS Service
By using a VPS service you can have alerts entered
and managed directly into your account  
    More about the alerts

    The Daily and 4 hour charts are used. Because they are longer term charts large stops are used but the risk used is always +/- 2% of the account balance on our
    account.   Do not use these alerts if you are not lot sizing your deals according to your account size.
    Please bear in mind these result were achieved using a 24 set and
    forget approach which means that transactions can not be interfered
    with whilst active for at least 12 hours (One on the limitation of set and
    forget services). Trading accounts were used and entries occurred in
    the webinars in front of the participants. These trading accounts were
    used to determine the results.
                  Questions and Answers (Note Q & A for the VPS service is on the VPS Link)          

     What is the minimum size account that you would suggest

    The largest stop we would ever use is 500 pips (Please see our downloadable example of alerts which shows the stop sizes used). We generally risk 1% per transaction
    although the risk setting allow for 4%. This means that you will need $50 divided by 4% = $1250  to qualify for a 500 pip transaction. If you don't qualify it is not serious
    as the 500 pip transaction will simply not be linked to your account based on the risk setting use by the VPS system. If you are not using the VPS system and can
    assume more risk then you can trade all of the transactions as long as you have enough capital to finance open deals and margins.(Again under $1000 would be high
    I do not have a trading account can you suggest a Broker

    We use an Alpari UK account for our alert trading. They offer exceptional service levels. If you need more information on opening an Alpari UK account please click
    here. When opening an account please contact Lee Hawkins at Alpari UK or use their website using 735873 as your Introducing broker code.

    If you are in Australia you can use GoMarket - we have used them for a number of years and they have the most competitive spreads around. Click here for details of
    the GoMarkets . Please contact our account manager Anthony Newton who can help you with your application or alternatively you can open an account directly from
    their website using Expert4x as your introducing broker.

    Our sponsoring broker XForex has agreed to a number of special packages when opening new accounts. Please view this link for details of these packages.  XForex

    How can you trade with such large stops

    If you decide that you are going to risk 2% per transaction it does not matter what size your stop is. If you use a 30 pip stop you will be trading more lots to fill you 2%
    risk. If you are using a 300 pip stop you will simply be using fewer lots. In both cases however you should be risking 2% of your account. So if you are using a 2% risk
    per transaction then stop size really does not matter.

    A large stop size improves the success rate of our trading at we generally enter reversal trades that have trended considerable already. Just that fact reduces the
    chances that the stops will be hit. Since switching to the FTP system none of our original stops have been hit. It is quite unusual to know that there is very little chance
    that your stops will be hit and even it they are, that it will only result in a 2% loss on the account. Using Big stops and a low fixed % account risk = better sleep. This
    could however result in transactions that last 1 to 2 weeks.

    Which currencies are considered for analysis and trading

    We also consider the following currencies should the ones above not present good trading opportunities AUDCAD, AUDCHF, CADJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF,