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Forex traders trading forex techniques and forex systems
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    If YOU are a beginner, developing, experienced or highly competent trader you will learn and benefit from our service.
    We will help you take the guess work out of today’s trading opportunities for the Asian, European and US market. .  
    You get a detailed ebook explaining the trading approach and 13 setups used by this daily live trading service.
    All currency crosses are considered for trades. Email alerts are supported by charts..  

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    and trade at your convenience.

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    Experienced traders get their market analysis done for them. Learning traders learn how to do their own market
    analysis,  what to look for and get trades.

    The webinars will consist of an environmental scan, chart analysis and daily trading strategy process. Some of the
    analysis techniques used will be: Channel trading, Price Patterns (Reversal and continuation patterns), Horizontal
    Support and Resistance, Non Horizontal support and resistance (Trendlines and Dominant angles), Straddle
    opportunities, Fibonacci Levels, Multi timeframe trading (WATO - Weekly, Daily and 4 hour approach), Multi currency
    trading (WATO approach), Candle stick reversal patterns, Moving average signals, Momentum signals (Divergences
    and Trendline violations) and any other techniques which are appropriate at the time.

    The Webinars and alerts in each market are separate services. You can therefore attend the ones most suitable to

Our results are show at the
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"I have learnt more about
Forex trading by attending
your Live Trading webinars for
2 weeks than I learnt in the
last 3 years of Forex Trading.
They are awesome!!

Forex trader trading forex techniques and forex systems
Don't ever trade alone again
LIVE Daily
Forex trading
Monday to Friday
European Webinar Session at 6:00am to
6:45am London
Forex trading globally
Forex alerts emailed to forex traders every day
Email Forex
Alerts with
Monday to Friday
European email alert at 7:30am London
Update email at 10:00pm London
These are Live trading
webinars in which the Forex
market charts are analysed
using aspects of the FTP,
Long Candle Forex Trading,
WATO and other methods.
Learn by asking  questions
and contributing to the
process. Trades are
identified and entered
during these webinars.
The trades entered at the
end of the Live trading
Webinars are eMailed to
subscribers. These are Set
and Forget transactions that
may be valid until the next
Live trading webinar in the
same market. Update emails
are sent once a day at times

    1   European Live Trading Webinars & Alerts with Updates 5 days a week  - US$70 a month

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  (Please note the month runs from the date and time your subscription starts to the same date and time the next month)

    2    Club Membership Click here for more details > CLUB MEMBERSHIP

    You obtain access to the above services as well as many benefits by joining the Expert4x Forex Traders
    Club. Club membership is available as a monthly subscription of   US$120 a month.

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    circumstances before making any foreign currency investment decision.
Forex results from trading successful forex techniques and forex systems
Simple N Easy Forex trading techniques and forex ebooks
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For a small additional fee you can use a
VPS service you can link your account to
our alerts and have the alerts entered
and managed as part of the service. This
service is supplied by an independent
Forex service provider and a monthly
subscription of £ 23.00 per month for the
1st service linked ( £ 10.00pm for each
service added) and is payable directly to
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VPS Service

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