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    Too good to be true?

    Not so. Using the INVESTMENT GRID system we simply setup a series of hedges
    (Self financed transactions) which effectively allow you to cash in on EVERY move
    of the market (up or down). No need for stops.

    Background to the Investment GRID System.

    Many financial organisations use hedge and forex option principles to setup low risk
    trading processes. The Grid system sets up its own network of hedges which allow
    you to cash in on EVERY move of the market.

    This INVESTMENT GRID system has been marketed for thousands of $’s with a
    money back guarantee if any purchaser can prove that the system did not work
    using any currency over the last 15 years. No refunds have ever been made. Over
    the years we have made some changes to refine the system. We are now offering
    the INVESTMENT GRID system to be traded on a subscription basis.

    What makes this system so unique:-  

    We believe that the average trader is so focused on trading one transaction at a
    time that they loose sight of what they are try to achieve (Make lots of money from
    trading). They can’t see the wood for the trees.

    The INVESTMENT GRID System is based on the philosophy that says:  Why not
    invest in hedges which allow you to cash in on every buy and sell move in the
    market.  The money generated can exceed the cost of the hedge very quickly a
    thereby eliminate the risk very quickly.

    The INVESTMENT GRID system is therefore not a true trading system but more
    related to an Investment on which continuous returns are being generated (ROI). It
    has been developed by financial and actuarial people rather than traders and is
    therefore a different approach to maximising income from the natural movement of
    the market. See the examples below: Sometimes the investment can last 1 hour and
    sometimes the investment takes days or weeks to mature profitably.

    Conventional trading

    We recently mentored a competent trader who had generated 700 pips during June
    making over $ 6 000 in the process. Not bad for a month of skillful trading. He did
    160 trades with an average stop of 40 pips. During this period the trader had
    invested an amazing $ 60 000 in having stop losses (160 transactions x 40pips x
    $9.50per pip). Some were hit and other not. Using a fraction of $ 60 000 the trader
    could rather have invested in a hedging system which would have allowed a much
    freer way of trading and would have eliminated many of the stop out encountered.
    The INVESTMENT GRID system can easily be adapted for further optimisation by
    competent traders.  

    Why not add up (calculate) all the negative (stopped out) transactions you have
    had in the last month as well as the risk you took on the positive transactions and
    you will be amazed at how much you risked (In $ and in pips) for the return that you
    made. If you do this you will start seeing the benefits of using hedging to finance
    stops rather than being stopped out.

    The INVESTMENT GRID system investments using hedges.

    Very Simple examples of the concept:

    The market goes up by 100 pips and then down by 100 pips. Cashed in $200 (you
    benefit from all moves and no concerns about stops being hit.) less the cost of the
    hedge $ 100 = Profit of $100. No more risk. Start a new investment.

    The market goes up by 200 pips and then down by 100 pips. Cashed in $300 (you
    benefit from all moves and no concerns about stops being hit) less the cost of the
    hedges $200 = Profit of $ 100. No more risk. Start a new investment.

    You may not need any of your own capital after a number of transactions.

    What are the most common problems YOU as an online
    Forex Trader face??? (Any  trader for that matter)

            YOU get the direction wrong

          The market whipsaws and takes out YOUR stop
    and then reaches your target.

            YOU get your stop wrong. Too small when they
    should be big and too big when they should be small.

            YOU cash in at the wrong time only to see the
    market run another 200 pips in the direction you where

    Because of the ongoing market dynamics these
    problems occur with mechanical and manual trading

    Imagine a trading method where you:-

            YOU can cash in a positive deal no matter which direction the
    market moves.

            YOU don’t need stops because deals are hedged by other
    transactions / options.

            The system is so mechanical that it can be traded without charts.

    EBook::  The introduction to the no stop, hedged, Forex investment Grid system

    Below are the modules to the introduction to hedged Forex Grid Trading Course.

    Module 1: Introduction
    Module 2: Basic Concepts
    Module 3: Grid Trading Rule
    Module 4: Making Money
    Module 5: Placing orders
    Module 6: Currency selection
    Module 7: Interest
    Module 8: Automatic trading
    Module 9: Trending Markets
    Module 10: Strategies
    Module 11: Capital required
    Module 12: Live Examples .




    What are the key success factors impacting your trading returns when
    using the no stop grid system.

            You need to use currencies that have a low spreads.
            You need to use currencies that have a low over night interest charge as
    some currencies may not move over say 100 pips every day.
            The size of your “cash in move” should be 100 pips or more depending on
    the volatility of the market.
            The market must move – doesn’t matter in which direction.

    How do I start trading the INVESTMENT GRID system:

    The system is easy to trade as all the entry orders are preset to cover over a 1000
    pip movement in the market. The system only requires you to replace cashed in
    transactions on the GRID as soon as possible so that you can cash them in again
    in the future.

    The system is published regularly on our website and a new investment group are  
    started regularly. You can even join an investment group at appropriate times.

    For the 1st month we strongly suggest that you demo trade the system. Mainly
    because  this is not a trading system but an investment process and it takes a while
    for traders to get comfortable with the new concept. They for instance keep on
    looking at the charts and trying to manage the process.  

    To trade live you will need $ 5 000 available to invest. Depending on the market
    conditions when you start, you may only end up risking as little as $1 000 to setup
    the hedges. The balance is of the capital may not be needed at all!  $ 5000 in
    capital can hedge a move of 3000 pips so you have plenty.  

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