You can Make Money
Trading the FOREX
The GOOD VIBRATIONS technique explains why you cannot Day trade the
same technique all the time and expect consistent results.
You have to take the
Forex market's GOOD VIBRATIONS into account.  
When we start out in the Forex market we are told that Trillions get traded 24 hours, 7 days a
week in this never sleeping market. After spending some time in the market you soon learn that
the market has habits just like human beings. The market likes taking weekends and public
holiday breaks. It has a daily routine where it sleeps, takes naps, is highly active and then relaxes.
The Forex market is no different. It is a dynamic living market where the price and activity levels
are NEVER still and they vibrate at different frequencies (beats) depending on the day of the
week, the time of the day and the actual currency traded. Some traders refer to this as the
currencies volatility but if one digs deeper you will find something much more meaningful than the
currencies basic volatility. You will find the currencies
vibration level.

Now this information is literally proven to be gold to Forex Traders who know how to plan their
entries and exits based on that knowledge.
The extremely simple technique was discovered by Expert4x traders who were scalping the
Asian, European and US markets over many years. They found that when scalping the price
would consistently and suddenly reverse for no apparent reason. After studying this previously
unexplained behaviour they discovered that the market has a beat or vibration rate law that it
adheres to – the Good Vibration technique session trading scalping (2 TO 3 HOURS) was

It’s so Simple to trade

Charts:   Because of it simplicity this technique can be traded on simple 5 minute bar charts
using NO indicators what so ever. Any charting system can therefore be used.
Forex candle stick formation chart

Previous Support webinars where the important elements of the technique were reviewed were recorded
and the video links are sent with the purchase.
Just like a human it's heart beats at a different pace depending whether it is sleeping, watching
TV, being very active or doing routine activities. Your heart beat can go from 55 beats a minute to
+160 beats a minute depending on the time of day and what activities you are undertaking. There
are times when your heartbeat is very reliable
(GOOD VIBRATIONS) and there are times when your
heartbeat can be very unreliable
(BAD VIBRATIONS).  This technique is a study in finding the
Forex market's


    Click on the YouTube video
    below to view more
    information on the Good
    Vibrations system

    +200 pips in 3.5 Hours
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    I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for
    such a great webinar!  I paid $97.00 for
    the Good Vibrations System!  I bought this
    course several months ago.  Due to some
    serious health conditions, I was not able
    to open the files and begin to learn about
    the system until this week!  Little did I
    know what I had awaiting me when I was
    finally able to open the files on this
    system!  I have never had a company
    deliver so much for so little!  I paid $2,000
    dollars a couple of months ago for a
    system that I'm still waiting to have a
    webinar to learn how to use.  You know
    what's worse, they have just informed me
    that I must pay for the webinar if I want to
    learn how to use their system!  Forget
    that system, I'm using Good Vibrations!  
    Thanks again guys for your honesty,
    integrity and a special thanks for your
    great value!  I think your business model
    will take you a long way!  Incidentally, just
    one day after the webinar, I traded Good
    Vibrations to the tune of $1,840.00 into my
    account!  I think I'll just keep humming
    that tune!  Sounds pretty good doesn't it?  
    Thanks again guys! Robert P.

    Technique explained why more
    than 80% of my negative trades
    failed! Without even trading this
    technique your approach has
    already added incredible value to
    my existing trading technique.
    I can't wait for the market to open
    on Monday.

    John Knight, UK

    I am totally amazed at the amount
    of unused GOOD VIBRATION
    information that is FREELY
    available on the Internet and how
    poorly it is used

              Sandy Myburgh, South Africa

    I have always been be very
    suspicious of the fact that when
    ever I entered a deal the market
    would reverse. It was as if my
    Broker was watching my every
    move. Now I understand that it is
    only the markets GOOD
    VIBRATIONS that cause these

    Terry Lee, Hong Kong

    I have been trading the Forex
    market for 5 years and have
    studied everything I could get my
    hands on about Forex trading and
    technical analysis.

    Your approach is so unique and so
    simple I can't believe that I have
    not seen it mentioned anywhere
    else. Is this what successful
    traders are hiding away from us. It
    makes perfect sense.

        John Thoroughgood, Australia

    I have back traded your 150%
    GOOD VIBRATIONS strategy and it
    works everytime. It is so obvious.

    Vinesh P, India

    Your Vibration information about
    the short term and long term
    vibration of every single currency
    has been an eye opener for me.

    I just blindly traded every technical
    signal that I got without taking this
    vital information into account. No
    wonder some of my attempts never
    reached their targets and some
    were stopped out and then went

    I was ignoring the fact that each
    currency has a GOOD VIBRATIONS
    Keep up the good work

    Tim Price, US

    I've often heard about trading with
    no indicators or traders referring
    to trading the price action. Your
    technique has opened my mind to
    how simple trading can be

                           John Sullivan

    I’m very intrigued by this
    method.  After my first pass
    through the ebook, I didn’t
    expect this to work.  In the 16
    trades I made, 8 hit the target, 6
    were break-even, and only 2
    were losses.  I netted
    approximately 160 pips.   
    However, I have looked at a LOT
    of different systems and EAs
    over the past couple of years and
    this is one of the few that I want
    to spend some time with. I don’t
    know how this system will work
    out over time but it is certainly a
    valid, well thought out concept
    and that is really rare in this crazy
    FOREX market.
                            Don, Austin, US

    This was the first day of trading
    and made 50+ pips. I have since
    been refining my techniques
    This is a simple and easy to
    understand trading method.


    You seem to be on a winner with
    this product and I was profitable
    very quickly.
             D. Bird

    Thank you Expert4x for given me
    the opportunity to trade the Good
    Vibrations techniques.  I've
    calculated the results in Pips . My
    net win is 155.1 pips in 3 hours
               P Lee

    The system has a sound logic
    behind it and the concept is fairly
    easy. The e book is easy to read.
    The video of your trader  trading
    the system helped a lot.

    I have had tremendous success
    ever since watching the trading
    video.   I completed 20 trades
    using your system over the past
    3 days.  I only put 6 hours of time
    (2 hrs per day) in front of the
    computer and traded every night
    from 9pm to 11pm EST.  I have
    accumulated 117.8 pips over this
    short time.  It is the most I have
    ever made in such a short period
    of time!  This system is so very
    simple and the biggest thing is to
    make sure that you don't over
    complicate it.  I truly appreciate
    everything you have done to
    create such a great tool to snag
    some healthy pips on a part-time
              J W

    The concept of Good Vibrations
    is all logic, explained simply by
    watching the illustration on page
    9 and following the 6 steps on
    Page 10.
               L Hoorens

    Trading this system  was an
    enjoyable experience and I am
    already using Good Vibrations in
    my trading
                         PG - South Africa

    Congrats on putting together
    such a clear and easy trading

    I really like this trading system.
    Thanks for the opportunity to use
                                  Chuck, USA

    Thank you to all of you, for a
    great, easy and consistent

    I took the last 15 trades as
    reference for the survey. All
    transactions was really done in
    times of a busy work schedule
    and I could not believe the
    success, although I did not fully
    concentrate on the trades.  With
    the trades within 2-3 days the
    demo account grew with nearly
    25% with a 2-3% risk per trade.

          Fanie -

    The Good Vibrations has been a
    success for me. I am running it
    using a number of symbols and I
    am averaging +10% on total
    equity per day using very low
    risk.... Until GV I had long given
    up on manual trading. Thank you
    for this system.
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Forex Good Vibrations technique
Forex charts showing how the Forex market vibrates
Forex zig zag chart whowing Forex price chart
Simple 5 min bar charts are enough

Trading process:

Trading follows a simple 2 step process:

    1.        Mechanically identify the trade setup (at any one time most currencies have
    1 or 2 of these)

    2.        Enter a pending order with a predetermined Entry, Stop, Target and
    Following stop (This makes all transactions set and forget, so there is no
    emotional decision making required)

This can be done on
any Broker platform at any time of day. Stops and targets can
vary from 12 to 50 pips depending on the vibration rate at the time of trading. Ideal for
experienced and beginner traders.

If you can follow these basic steps this system is for YOU
Forex entry for EURUSD

Pre trading Preparation:

The most important aspects of the system are currency selection (based on spreads
and vibration rates) and Good Vibrations strategy selection (Conservative, Aggressive
or Normal). These aspects are fully covered in our training material, videos, recorded  
support webinars and free live trading webinars.  





With your purchase of the Expert4x GOOD VIBRATIONS Forex system you

    1.  A short training manual explaining this simple technique
    2.  5 training videos show aspects of the system and live trading examples
    3.  Tools to give you the exact vibration rate to use and transaction levels.
    4.  Your Good Vibration rates updated every 3 months.
    5.  Free access to recorded training webinars
    6.  Free access to any live trading webinars where the Good vibrations
    technique is traded
    7.  Free email support

    All of the above for $97.00  

Forex Good VIbrations technique
Recent trading results using the short term Good Vibration system in the early European
session -  the Good Vibrations can be traded in any of the 3 major trading sessions