Learn the basic
    dealing and charting
    skills experienced
    traders take for
    The Webinar course is ideal for the beginner and intermediate Forex Traders.
    Expert4x’s MetaTrader course teaches you by using live examples and informative slides how
    to trade the Forex market using MetaTrader 4.

    You will learn:-


    1.        The difference between market and pending orders
    2.        The difference between sell and buy prices and using Market Watch
    3.        What Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy stops and sell stops are and see examples of each
    4.        How to enter stops
    5.        How to enter targets
    6.        How to activate following stops
    7.        How to determine the number of lots to use
    8.        How to make your deals (entry, stops and targets) appear on your trading charts
    9.        Checking on the progress of orders and active deals
    10.      Checking on your account history

    1.        Background colours
    2.        Candlestick charts
    3.        Bar Charts
    4.        Line charts
    5.        How to set different trading time frames
    6.        How to use templates
    7.        How to use Profiles
    8.        How to change the number of readings shown on your charts
    9.        How change the range of your charts
    10.      Chart shift and Auto scroll functions
    11.      Chart options – trade levels, OHCL, Ask prices, period separators


    1.        Trending indicators
    2.        Momentum indicators
    3.        Volume Indicators
    4.        Bill Williams indicators
    5.        Custom indicators
    6.        Expert Advisors

    •       Loading and using Expert Advisors
    •        Strategy testing
    •        Advanced channel, Fibonacci, Gann, Cycle line

  • 4 Ebooks of slides covering above topics (50 pages)
  • 4 Video recordings     (+100 minutes)





Forex candle stick charts
Forex trader using MetaTrader software to trade the Forex market
MetaTrader 4 course
Forex order for GBPUSD using MetaTrader4 software



    1.        Drawing trendlines
    2.        Horizontal lines
    3.        Vertical lines
    4.        Using the Cross Hair
    5.        Adding notes and arrows
    6.        Setting alarms
    7.        Fibonacci Tools
    8.        Adding shapes
    9.        Step by step analysis
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