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7 Simple-N-Easy TIMES to trade the
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    The Forex market moves in unpredictable ways because of new information
    entering it (Announcements and News) and because of TIME OF DAY
    factors (Opening and Closing of Financial markets, institutions and

    Experienced Traders master and understand market behaviour, market
    patterns and price action which regularly repeat themselves, before
    applying technical analysis, risk and money management.  You trade
    market behaviour using technical analysis.

    Most failing traders try using technical analysis on its own and ignore
    market behaviour.  You have to fish where the fish are and when they are
    around. Trading the same technique at the wrong time is like fishing when
    there are only sharks around.

    In this module of the “7 Simple-N-Easy times to trade the Forex market” you
    will learn:

    •        How each currency has a different vibration depending on the time of
    day you are trading
    •        How the Tokyo, European, US market opens and closes impact the
    price movement
    •        How trading volumes change dramatically during a days trading.
    •        What actually drives Forex prices
    •        Who actually drives the Forex prices
    •        When daily highs and lows are likely to occur
    •        How to trade the market if you expect a daily high or low
    •        How to trade weekend gaps
    •        When to stay away from the market completely
    •        How to trade when you don’t have any idea which way the price will
    •        How to make sure your deals are facing in the correct direction when
    trends start
    •        How to find out which announcements are likely to move the market.
    •        How to deal with day light saving adjustments
    •        And much more ……………..

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    The Simple-N-Easy
    Forex trading Series

    The Simple-N-Easy approach to
    Forex trading has been
    designed for the beginner to
    intermediate Forex trader who
    does not want highly complex
    trading systems with custom
    indicators. The intention is that
    techniques should be Simple N
    Easy (yet highly effective) so
    that new traders as well as
    slightly more experienced
    traders will both benefit from
    learning market behaviour and
    how to trade it.   
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